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Welcome to the Umbrage Utopia

Don’t take umbrage on missing out on the umbrage coin

Own a piece of a local treasure today,
While taking umbrage to the moon, but like, in a good way.

The umbrage coin was created and launched as a homage to the monumental local meme and should be in no way seen as a form of investment vehicle, speculative investing is highly discouraged.

In some ways this is an opportunity to propel umbrage to the moon while allowing users to own a piece of a local meme. Although the coin was launched as a joke, its built with (sort of) more advanced features to promote stability and growth.

~ $0.68 SGD
Per Umbrage

Updated on
05/11 5:30AM GMT +8

3420% ▲
Since 6Hrs ago

Updated on
05/11 5:30AM GMT +8


Total Minted Supply
Since Day 1

How to take buy Umbrage?

Own a piece of Umbrage in 5 mins.

Set up your wallet

Download the Trust Wallet App and purchase some BNB tokens using TrustWallet. Go to the "Browser" tab at the bottom and find "PancakeSwap". iPhone users will have to enable the browser by typing "trust://browser_enable" within safari

Swap for Umbrage

On PancakeSwap V2, in the "From" slot select BNB, depending on which one you bought. In the bottom slot tap "Select currency" to search, and search for and select "Umbrage". Click the slider icon at the top, at set the slippage tolerance to 11% then close that box.

HODL to the moon

After configuring your swap, set the amount you wish to buy in the "From" box and hit "Swap". Confirm the transaction and now you've successfully owned a piece of Umbrage! HODL to the moon.

Stonk Science.

Honestly, why are you even reading about the Tokenomics of this? Anyways… The umbrage coin was deployed on the Binance Smart Chain with one quadrillion supply and created using a generic contract (it’s a meme coin, we’re not selling rocket science here) but it still features the latest features to keep it stable and rewards users to hold some.

Fairly and safely launched.

There is no dev wallet to begin with. Coins are fair launched and only 8% set aside for whitelist for the project maintenance and growth. Project is community driven and fairly structured.

Automatic LP

Every transactions constitutes fees which goes into automatically generating liquidity that goes into multiple pools used by exchanges (Eventually)

RFI Static Rewards

HODLers passively earns rewards for holding Umbrage through static reflection as they watch their Umbrage grow indefinetly.

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✅ Only 50% of all coins left in circulation
✅ Less than 8% in Whitelist
✅ LP Tokens Locked
🔥 The rest burned
🍀 RT for 8 years of Good Luck
42% of Tokens Locking (Pending)

Although we might need to improve the structuring of our coins along the way. But at least we did not send 50% of our coins to Vitalik as a burn address 👀 #shibainu

We will be releasing more methods to obtain Umbrages tomorrow followed by Burning and Locking plans. RT for 8 Years of Good Luck and Blessings

50% of Total Umbrage Coins burnt. 🔥 🔥 🔥

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